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Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 

Client: Sony Music Entertainment

City Slums was Indian-American rapper Raja Kumari's debut single in India, in collaboration with rapper Divine. The song is an ode to the hustle and vibrancy of Mumbai and is currently at 68 million views on Youtube. 


 I streamlined the design process through research and clear communication and delivered on team expectations without spending time on multiple iterations.

The inspiration for the Art Direction was the hand-painted aesthetic found in early 90s Bollywood movie posters. 

Category: Album Cover Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Logo Design


Treatment References and Logo Design

I explored hand-painted Bollywood film posters and created a mood board for the album logo art, color choices, and overall aesthetic. The logo incorporated hand-lettered typography in bright contrasting colors, drawing inspiration from vintage Bollywood posters. 

Album Cover

The final album design integrated all visual elements for a retro poster vibe inspired by the mood board references.

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